A townhouse , or town house as used in North America, Asia, Australia, South Africa and parts of Europe, is a type of terraced housing. A modern town house is often one with a small footprint on multiple floors. The term originally referred in British usage to the city residence (normally in London) of someone whose main or largest residence was a country house.

Historically, a town house was the city residence of a noble or wealthy family, who would own one or more country houses in which they lived for much of the year. From the 18th century, landowners and their servants would move to a townhouse during the social season (when major balls took place). [1]

In the United Kingdom most townhouses were terraced (see Terraced houses in the United Kingdom ). Only a small minority of them, generally the largest, were detached, but even aristocrats whose country houses had grounds of hundreds or thousands of acres often lived in terraced houses in town. For example, the Duke of Norfolk owned Arundel Castle in the country, while his London house, Norfolk House , was a terraced house in St James's Square over 100 feet (30 meters) wide.

In the United States and Canada, a townhouse has two connotations. The older predates the automobile and denotes a house on a small footprint in a city, but because of its multiple floors (sometimes six or more), it has a large living space, often with servants' quarters. The small footprint of the townhouse allows it to be within walking or mass-transit distance of business and industrial areas of the city yet luxurious enough for wealthy residents of the city. [2]

Townhouses are expensive where detached single-family houses are uncommon, such as in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington, DC, and San Francisco.

Первые таунхаусы в России были построены в 1995 году близ Москвы — под Новогорском , Троицком и посёлком Новые Ржавки [1] .

В начале XXI века в России (прежде всего в Московской области) наблюдается «коттеджный бум». Активно строятся и таунхаусы. Поселки таунхаусов зачастую возводятся на бывших колхозных полях, в непосредственной близости от шумных автомагистралей, вдали от крупных населенных пунктов. Застройщики воспринимают подобные поселки как поселения экономкласса и не утруждают себя привлечением архитекторов-специалистов по малоэтажному строительству, пренебрегают зонированием территории, созданием необходимой инфраструктуры [2] [3] .

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